You specialize in gathering the most interesting people to address really important problems.


Together - we create the unique opportunities that can only be found through an engaged community.


I specialize in facilitating moments that make networking look ancient.


For the last five years, Brooke Boyle has been at the front of a paradigm shift in networking by helping individuals meaningfully diversify their professional networks - the result being a long-lasting feeling of inspiration, and a sense of belonging within a community.


bringing together individuals and teams with the engage method.  

Why it matters

During a time when isolation and social distancing have become sudden social media buzzwords, it falls on community leaders to rethink how to keep their constituents (alumni, volunteers, customers, members...) engaged and supported. Brooke's structure for intentional networking was  strategically designed to address the already prevalent loneliness epidemic through in-person events and now is rapidly being applied to the virtual environment.

The Engage Method provides highly-facilitated and trusted moments to help create a feeling of momentum towards a more enriched [and happier] life experience as someone who belongs and matters within a community.

How it begins

The Engage Method is designed with the introverts in mind and fosters unconditional positive regard among diverse attendees who might not have otherwise met. Through this very simple but highly-nuanced series of conversation prompts and "small group" rotations, Brooke aims to bring attendees face-to-face with opportunities to help and be helped.

Brooke developed this methodology in Ann Arbor, Michigan which is now informing and being used by communities within chambers of commerce; conferences on leadership, entrepreneurship, and diversity; the University of Michigan; Eastern Michigan University; the Ann Arbor Public Schools; and other sub-communities within and beyond the boundaries of a specific geographic location.



In order to enrich experiences with one another, the Engage pillars are designed to give participants a feeling of authenticity by encouraging them to be themselves and learn through listening.


Be you.

(bring your whole imperfect self)


Be curious.

(and then listen for understanding)


Make room.

(if someone joins the conversation, make room for them)

The Engage Method for facilitating meaningful connections is rapidly replacing the traditional activity we all know as “networking.”